About us

Refugee girls in general have lots of needs and educational needs are part and parcel. Much as there are very many interventions geared towards supporting the girls’ education and other aspects, some significant number is left unattended to. Conscientisation and empowerment is one of the tools that we believe can reintegrate and re-establish the hope and creativity levels of young girls to be responsive to their needs.

Coding will allow them to be able to think outside the box, while enhancing their IQs and thinking abilities to reconnect to the current realities in the 21st century. Besides, being a refugee should never undermine one’s ability to get exposure and make meaningful interactions and create networks that can uplift their survival skills.


Empowering refugee girls with technological knowledge, access and abilities.


Continuous engagement with the girls in activities that will always keep them on top of the game and ensure enough commitment, follow up on their innovative work and perpetual learning.


To create pragmatic and technologically empowered women and girls with skills and knowledge that enhances their creativity and innovativeness to confront their daily endeavours and respond to their employment and self-reliance needs.


Coding classes

We enable Refugee teenage mothers and adolescent girls to re-enter their educational trajectory and focus on digital learning. They are first provided with a training in Basic Computer Literacy then join a five months of digital training and coding classes to further build their digital capacities and skills in a more specialized, creative and intelligent manner.

Girl Talk Sessions

We believe that talking as teenage mothers and adolescent girls, is one way of healing, learning and supporting each other. This space was created to share experiences, coping strategies, dreams and action plans - with the aim of (re-)building hope, confidence, and social support networks. Her Dreams Count has also been inviting different experts in Psycho-social, Gender Based Violence and planning to invite more to share their expertise.

Entrepreneurship and Basket weaving Skills

Incorporate an entrepreneurship component to support the teenage mothers and the project participants to ensure self sufficiency and resilience. We give them an opportunity to learn how to start, improve and sustain their businesses as well as supporting them with a small capital as a start up.

In this same business component, their businesses and other Refugee businesses will be put online to help the business owners market their products to the outsiders.